Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Tool Box


Wrinkles are the number one indicator for ageing skin. With all research and technology today we can now benefit hugely compared to 20 years ago. Just like all technology has advanced so much over the last few years, so has cosmetic products developed incredibly. Although wrinkles are an inevitable part of ageing,

using a good quality professional brand of skin care rather than a cheap supermarket brand, is so much more beneficial for the skin. It can help to mask and minimise that ageing wrinkled look. Let’s face it ladies, and by the way men as well, we all want to have that young and youthful look as long as possible.

Ageing as we know it has changed…Biomedical gerontologists are researching ways to slow down or even cure the ageing process. The obsession with retaining smooth unwrinkled skin is a recent social development.

Most twentieth century woman followed a daily routine of cold cream cleanser and a completion cream with high fat content, which they believed nourished the skin.

The anti-ageing skin care market has boomed, putting this as a priority now in most womens lives.

A few tips to keep a younger looking skin for longer.

  • Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night
  • Try and sleep on your back
  • Use a good skin care range
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day

There are Med Tech treatments available which help with anti-ageing. Visit a beauty salon that uses these to enhance and lift your skin.

– Cynthia Nuttall


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