It’s wonderful hearing what our clients have to say about GLB Medi Spa …


“I would like to pass on my thanks and delight at the wonderful facial I had with Tchonane on Saturday 18th July.  She was delightful and I really enjoyed her manner. 

I had been having quite bad break outs (spots) for many weeks prior to coming in and was desperate to have them gone! I had a standard facial and added an Oxygen treatment to it which Cynthia offered me a special price on (great service).

Almost overnight my skin cleared up and has continued to look fresh , radiant and clear since then. I have many facials in my time but to get a result like this I felt was worth talking about!”

Tracy Kean


“For the last 18 months, I have been using the Osaine brand of skin care, as sold by your Beauty Therapy Clinic. 18 months on and I can testify to the benefits of this skin care range as great anti aging products. I am in my late 50’s and using the full regime of products, not only have I noticed that the aging process seems to have slowed down, but those close to me have also commented on this as well.

I enjoy using the cleanser as it is gentle and thoroughly cleanses my skin both day and night. The once a week scrub is gentle enough to not damage my skin by scratching it, but exfoliates and polishes the skin to a soft texture. Toner and moisturizer top if off and I feel hydrated all day. Not only are the products competitively priced, but also are a great return on investment. The product sizes are generous and last well as only a small amount is needed to be used across the skin care range. I have been converted from other brands and am pleased to use these products on going as I know I am getting the best skin care in Osaine.”

– Jerina Ford



“My Laser hair removal treatments worked really well. Needed about 10 treatments in total – had 7 over winter one year, and then just 3 remedial ones the next winter. Great results – very happy.”

– Sarah

“The staff here are so lovely and helpful! They explained the IPL fully to me, and I’m very happy with the results 🙂 Definitely recommend GLB :)”

– Chane

“I recently considered trying botox for deep wrinkles on my forehead and a very deep crease on the bridge of my nose, GLB had Trinity Gold facials on special at the time. After my first facial I saw immediate results and now have regular oxygen facials. The consultants are fantastic and alternate the products depending on how dehydrated my skin is at the time. I cannot emphasise how great the facials are, and as GLB know how much I love them they ensure I receive special deal emails.

Final outcome, I can barely feel or see any of the creases that were of concern and friends and family have also noticed the improvement.

PS – I have also had sensational results with IPL hair and vein treatments.

Thanks GLB!”

– Melanie


 Tara Before and After“Three months ago and facing a “big” birthday, I realised it was timeto take some action to improve fitness, tone up and lose some weight.  I joined a gym, cut down on carbohydrates and signed up for a course of Laser-Lipo at GLB Spa.

The treatments were cost-effective and easily tolerated, and followed by 10-20 mins on a Vibratrain.  I am thrilled to report that I have easily lost 14 kilograms over a 3 month period with the combination of gym, a slight change in diet and Laz-Lipo, and my fitness has improved to the point of running the RTB this year!  I continue to have Laz-Lipo treatments mainly from a maintenance perspective and to chisel off the last few kilos.

The girls at GLB have been incredible and supportive and just as impressed with my progress as I have been.  I can highly recommend Laser-Lipo as a weight loss treatment in conjunction with exercise – I never really believed it could work but am totally convinced by the results that I have never previously achieved from diet and exercise alone.”

– Tara

“What a great experience at GLB Medi Spa!

The therapists are friendly, eager to assist and have supported me in seeing amazing results in my skin, losing centimetres on my ‘love handles’ with the Lipo machine and I’m just about ready to fit into that sexy pair of jeans again!

Thank you ladies for the fantastic results and care. I highly recommend GLB Medi Spa for their wide range of world class treatments and excellent service.”

– Bonita


“Good morning Cynthia, I would like to thank you for a laser treatment on my thumb nail. I had been to the doctor who put me on a course of tablets(3 months) which did nothing. One ten minute treatment from you has worked perfectly and my nail is now perfect again. I am so glad that I found you and your wonderful firm.”   

                        – Rollo

“GLB you beauty!

After having a fungus infection on my toe for over 5 years, painting on the special varnish and being on some rather nasty tablets (prescribed by a specialist) I had just about given up! However, after seeing a voucher deal for laser treatment at GLB I rang the salon and spoke to really helpful person who said they had had good success rates with it. I was skeptical, but hopeful.

I went along, having low expectations (as everything else I had tried had failed), but I was pretty desperate after 5 years. The lady at GLB explained that it was not an overnight fix, but they had had good success rates with it. I had the 3 appointments, to be honest my toe did not look or feel any different. I followed the recommended treatment and waited. After 3 months I could see new grown appearing and now after 6 months the infection has finally gone!!!!! I am absolutely stoked. After such a long time and many miserable attempts, my horrible old lady toe is now a lovely normal toe, just like the others 🙂

Thank you GLB, one very happy camper here.”

– Janie

“This was the worst toe, completely toe-fungus-Aaron-Gantleyrotten and lifting off. That came off a couple of weeks ago and there was another infected nail under that. This is now also coming off. You can see half has gone and just a little left to drop off then a clean nail should grow back in its place.

All in all I am happy with the progress so far. It was very quick and easy and pain free. The staff are very good and nice to talk to duringthe process. I can recommend your service to anyone strugglingwith the other remedies.”

– Aaron

Toe-Tx-post-2-sessions-arrows“I have been stuck with this condition for over 10 years. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of this problem but with no success. I then heard about GLB Medi Spa and thought I would give it a go as it was affordable, virtually painless and really fast.

As you can see I have had my three treatments now spaced 3-4 weeks apart and already there is a big improvement on the toes. This treatment does take a few more months to show the full reward but already I see results I have not seen with any other products in 10 years. My nails are growing out healthy and I am SO happy. I might even be able to wear a pair of sandals this Summer with confidence. I would recommend this treatment at GLB Medi Spa to anyone suffering with Nail Fungus.”

– Robert H

“I am pleased to report that my toenails look 100% better after the laser treatment. I was desperate after trying to paint the medicinal nail polish on daily for a year, thinking that the nail had grown out, only to find the infection had returned, worse than ever after a few weeks. I then spent $150 for a weekly treatment when a work colleague told me about her success with GLB Medi Spa and their Laser Treatment. I had looked into Laser Treatment before but the cost had been prohibitive.

The treatment was easy and extremely professional from a patients point of view and very competitively priced. I am not all the way there yet as it takes time for the nail to grow out, however I can tell by looking at the nail this treatment is working effectively and I have no doubt that I have solved the problem.”

– Sue Phillips