10390103_270297293143429_2043445248388131204_nHealthy skin can be pictured as a multi-layered cake covered by a single sheet of clear plastic food wrap to keep it fresh.

The plastic food wrap prevents the frosting and underlying layers of cake from drying our by preventing the loss of (evaporation) of the moisture from the cake into the air. It is the moisture in the cake that gives it it’s freshness.

The outermost layer of the skin, which acts like the plastic food wrap and is about the same thickness, is called the stratum corneum (the layer of the skin that peels of with sunburn). The stratum corneum consists of dead skin cells embedded in a mixture of natural oils (lipids) that are made by underlying skin cells. These natural skin oils keep the water inside our body from escaping into the air and also keep irritating substances and germs from entering the body.

Both the skin oils and dead skin cells hold a certain amount of moisture in the stratum corneum and it is this moisture that helps keep the skin soft, pliable and smooth.

Dry skin results when there is not enough moisture in the stratum corneum for it to function properly.


1. Everyday use of hot soapy water
2. Exposure to harsh chemicals
3. Exposure to harsh temperatures
4. The normal ageing process

Hot soapy water depletes the natural skin cells to the greatest degree. Anyone who has tried to wash a pan covered with bacon grease in cold soapy water knows how effective heat is in softening up oils and fats so they can be washed away.

The same happens with your skin when using hot soapy water. To protect your skin we recommend using tepid water and the Osaine Omega Cleanser. It’s creamy milky base ensures maximum moisture while cleansing the skin.

To boost moisture after cleansing you need to apply a form of oil such as a moisturizer (also known as an emollient or lubricant) to protect dry skin.

The oil in moisturizers help trap and seal water in to the stratum corneum and makes the skin softer, smoother and less likely to become dry, cracked and itchy.

Liberal use of an effective moisturizer that suits your skin type will ensure a good balance of moisture in the skin during the harsh winter months.

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